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What is Momo? 

I don’t have to mention what is Momo right? 

Literally, everyone knows what is Momo, how it looks and how it tastes. But least people knows Potato Cheese Momos Recipe.

As a result, there are varieties of momos available everywhere. 

But in this article we’re going to learn the recipe of Potato Cheese Momos or Kewa Momos in quick, easy and authentic style.

In Bhutan, Momo is like traditional cuisine because I can still remember when I was a kid my father used to make Momos for us especially during one of the most important festivals called “Dangpa Losar” which means our new year according to Bhutanese Calender.

Technically, Momo was there long time back but not that popular like today because momo work is still considered as one of the toughest kitchens works and time-consuming work. 

For instance, it takes literally 1-hour minimum to cook momos if you have a helping hand and have to cook for fewer heads.

Whereas if you are alone and has to cook for the whole family let’s say 5-6 heads it will minimum take 2 hours.

It takes 20-30 mins in moulding dough, then another 30-40 mins in chopping onions, cabbage, boiling potatoes, meats and other vegetables for filling. 

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe Video

Another 30-40 mins for making roti then filling it and making shapes and finally another 20-30 mins for cooking them.

Damn hell lots of work and energy that’s why its tasty and everyone genuinely loves momos. I guess haha.

Back then people make momos during special festivals and had enough time. Moreover, there was utensils problem like there was no momo steamer and dough roller.

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe
Potato Cheese Momos with Bhutanese Ezay

So, people boil momos directly in the boiling water in the pot and used glass bottles to roll the dough which is quite challenging work.

If you want to know the recipe on how to make Ezay Chutney, check out this video on our YouTube Channel.

Nowadays with the development of new technologies momo making work is made so easy and now is available everywhere it’s even available as street food. 

Moreover, there are a variety of momos in the market as per my knowledge, veg, non-veg, cheese, corn, paneer and potato momos. 

For instance, veg momo is made up of vegetables like cabbage, carrot, onions, potato mixed filling and non-veg momos are made of fresh meat like beef or chicken filling etc. 

Don’t forget to try Bhutanese momos whenever you visit Bhutan. 

Some momos are even served with soups which makes momos more special. 

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe with Soup
Potato Cheese Momos with Soup

My today’s recipe is how to make Cheese & Potato Momos which are not well known to most of the people. 

Not to mention, it’s my personal favorite Momos. You should also try once if you haven’t yet. I guarantee you; you will thank me later. 

We have videos on YouTube as well.

Let’s get started with the recipe of Potato Cheese Momos,

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

  • Serving: 4 serves
  • Preparation time: 1 hour
  • Cooking time: 30 mins


  • 1/2 kg All-purpose flour ( maida) 
  • 1 kg Potato
  • 2-3 heads of Garlic
  • 1/2 kg Onion
  • Amul butter
  • Cooking Oil
  • Salt
  • Water

Procedure of Potato Cheese Momos Recipe:

Knead the dough

Always make sure to knead the dough first whatever you make and let the dough rest for 1-2 hours in room temperature or one night in a refrigerator to make the dough perfect.

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe
Knead the dough | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

Make sure to keep the dough little hard if the weather is hot, as the hot weather makes the dough soft later.

But if the weather is cold make sure to keep dough soft as the cold weather hardens the dough quickly and makes your work harder while rolling the momo wrappers.

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe
Dough is ready | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

Once the dough is ready cover the dough with an airtight container or a plastic wrapper and keeps it aside. Meanwhile, 

Boil the potatoes

In this step firstly boil the potatoes it doesn’t matter whether it is small, medium or big in size. 

Boil the Potatoes | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

Technically small potatoes cook fast comparing to the big ones so you can cut the big potatoes from middle and boil them.

So, you can use skillet or pressure cooker to boil the potatoes. I would suggest a pressure cooker as it saves a lot of time and energy.

By 5-6 vessels of a pressure cooker, your potato should be cooked or boiled. 

Chop the onions

Also, when the potatoes are kept on cook let’s do other side work which is one of the hardest works I feel.

Chop the onions | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

I really hate the chopping part of the onions this is because firstly it is slippery and difficult to cut or handle it. Sometimes I even end up cutting my fingers. Be careful if you are not that experienced.

Secondly, I hate the fact that while cutting onions, onions releases the sulfoxide creating a gas.

This gas directly affects our eyes causing tears running over the beautiful cheeks. How sad right?

To overcome this problem, let me give you my all-time secret; wash the onions thoroughly under the cold running water immediately after removing the outer most layer of the onion and cut it from the middle. It really helps you to get rid of the tears.

Another problem-solver is getting yourself one food processor. I personally think food processors are made for chopping the onions. It makes work way lot easier. 

I bought this food processor last time from Amazon and it really saves my time.

Peel off the garlic

I know sometimes peeling the cloves of garlic can be boring and time-consuming work.

Here are my tips and tricks for you to peel off the garlic so easily and quickly.

Cut the garlic cloves from the middle part and put it into a container containing cold water.

Soak it well and remove the covers either with the knife or free hands.

In this case, soaking it in the cold water helps to avoid the stickiness of the garlic make makes work easy. 

Once peeled off well, chop it using a grinder or on with the help of knife and chopping board. 

Peel off the potatoes

Once the potatoes are cooked thoroughly, remove the pressures from the cooker and soak it in the cold water to remove the heat plus it helps to remove the covers more conveniently.

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe
Peel off the potatoes | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

Once covers are removed, smash it with the potato masher. 

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe
Mashed Potatoes | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

If you don’t have one you can also smash it with a spoon or spatula or a steel glass. 

Heat the cooking oil

Take a pan and heat the amount of cooking oil you want. Meanwhile, let’s put the ingredients in a container one by one. 

Heat the Oil | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

Smashed potatoes, chopped onions and garlic, grated cheese, salt.

By now our oil must be heated well, add an amount of salted butter( Amul Butter) and let it melt in heated oil.

Add Amul butter to the heated oil | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

As soon as the butter is melted, put it in the ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Fillings are ready | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

In like manner, if you have enough time let the mixture set in the refrigerator for 30-60 mins to cool down. 

So that later you can proceed the process comfortably. 

Rolling the dough

Rolling the dough and cut it into equal parts | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

Once the filling is ready, roll the dough into a larger circular thin sheet of about 1cm thickness of roti.

Round Shape Dough | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

Make sure to keep the roti neither too thin nor thick. Over thickness of roti will affect the taste of the momos as well as it will take time to cook.

Over thin roti will turn into very soft while streaming and get teared up easily and as a result, it can’t hold its fillings. Which will make your momos shapeless.

After making a preferable roti take a steel glass or roti cuter size depending upon how big or small momo you want to make.

Cut it into small circular shapes | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

I personally find a steel glass having 10 cm diameter is the best to choose as it makes momos neither too big nor small.

Now keep the cutter or steel glass over the roti and cut how much you can cut out of it. 

Making shapes

Both the filling and wrappers are ready, take a spoon and put the filling in a wrapper and wrap it with the way you want the shape.

Shapes and Filling | Potato Cheese Momos Recipe

There is a various style of wrapping the momos. 

Also, I have a simple and beautiful way of shaping the momos in my YouTube video on potato momos, you can check it out. 

Apply oil

Once the wrapping is done, take a momo steamer and apply oil over it before keeping the momos. 

This is because oil helps to get rid of sticking the momos at the streamer and its easy to transfer from steamer to another pot after steaming the momos.

After applying oil over the steamer, keep the momos one after another keeping the little space between one another. 

Keep on steaming 

Further more, now keep the momos for steaming for 15-20 mins under medium flame.

If you steam under low flame it will take a lot of time and on the other side if you steam under higher flame your momos will not cook inside part whereas the cover or roti part will get overcooked. 

So medium flame is the best for the perfect cooked momos.

Now enjoy the delicious momos with your favourite spicy chutney! 

In addition to, I have videos on how to make momo chutney as well in my YouTube channel, don’t forget to check it out. And please like and share the article to support me.

Potato Cheese Momos Recipe | Authentic Style

Thinking how to make Momos at home? Check out this article to know the step by step on making Potato Cheese Momos Recipe at home with the video.
Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time30 mins
Course: Side Dish, Snacks, Soup
Cuisine: Bhutanese, Tibetan
Keyword: momos, momos recipe, potato cheese momose recipe, potato momos recipe, potato recipe
Servings: 4


  • 1/2 kg All-purpose flour (maida)
  • 1 kg Potato
  • 2-3 heads of Garlic
  • 1/2 kg Onion
  • 1 packet Amul butter
  • Cooking Oil
  • Salt
  • Water


  • Knead the dough
  • Boil the potatoes
  • Chop the onions
  • Peel off the garlic
  • Peel off the potatoes
  • Heat the cooking oil
  • Roll the dough
  • Make the shapes
  • Apply oil
  • Keep on steaming 

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