About me


Hello, I’m Tashi Choden, the writer, designer, content creator and the main head behind this blog. Tashi Choden my name is given to me by one great lama.

The main motive behind starting this blog is it’s a matter of fact that I am very good in cooking (not kidding) especially when it comes to vegetarian food.

Because I am not a meat eater and I don’t want to influence others too.

I have started cooking when I was 9 years old. That doesn’t mean I am interested in cooking from my childhood.

I had to cook because I went to school by staying with my brother. He was a school teacher and a bachelor at that time.

You must be knowing how careless bachelor guys are, right? I had to cook most of the time for myself when he was away from home. I have been grown up cooking, studying and all.

So, want to help and inspire those who are interested and wants to try cooking something new and also to those who already know how to cook and wants to try it in a different style.

And also, to those who don’t like cooking but still has to cook.

You should definitely try my recipes, as they are all very much simple and easy to prepare but tastes are always mind-blowing and healthy.

It takes less time to cook compared to reaching your takeover food order from outside.

So far whatever I cooked my friends, the family are happy and appreciated my work. Yeah, I know lots of praising going here but it’s true, haha!


I have done my schooling in Bhutan and a bachelor degree in civil engineering from India. Yeah, you will say, then why aren’t you’re a civil engineer then?

My answer is it was my mistake to choose that field, that time I couldn’t figure out what I really want to do in my life.

But no regrets by choosing that field I have gained so many knowledge and confidence about civil engineering work.

Moreover, had lots of life experience through lows and highs. I am honoured whatever I have been through.

I’m also very much interested in make-ups and travel, so maybe I would be including travel blogs and makeup tips in the near future on my blog.

Follow my amazing journey and check out the awesome recipes as of now.

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